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  1. 2015.01.20 Notepad++ Je suis Charlie Edition
『잡소리(Prattle)』2015.01.20 15:23

항상 애용하던 Notepad++ 업데이트가 있다고 해서 업데이트를 했더니...


빈 페이지가 자동으로 만들어지며...

Freedom of expression is like the air we breathe, we don't feel it, until people take it away from us.

For this reason, Je suis Charlie, not because I endorse everything they published, but because I cherish the right to speak out freely without risk even when it offends others.

And no, you cannot just take someone's life for whatever he/she expressed.

Hence this "Je suis Charlie" edition.

위 text가 자동으로 typing되어 뭔가하고 홈페이지를 보니...

Je suis Charlie edition(나는 샤를리다)이라고....

펜은 총보다 강하다

라는 말이 생각나는 건 나만이 아니겠지?

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